Technical Analyst : Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe

You get what you pay for. Protect your kids and your rights.

It is important to be safe and protect yourself and your loved ones, so the main objective is to obtain a product that provides good security, reliability,simplicity, and still ensures ready access in case of an emergency.

Its Weight is 22lbs and Dimension is 4.25 x 12.5 x 10.3 inches.

Packed with high-quality options, the Fort Knox PB1 sidearm safe is one in all the highest safes for moveable use. The safe is large enough for one or 2 handguns. the inside has been foam soft to confirm that the small-arm and any accessories area unit continuously shielded from things like impact harm or movement.

The profit to foam is:

It’s excellent for storing this gun safe in your automotive and thus it make this a fully secure vehicle handgun safe.

The safe also will excellent for storing alternative small-arm accessories like further magazines that need a soft padding once keep.

The gun safe has been created victimization sturdy 10-gauge steel. this is often very serious and solid that is exclusive to many sidearm safes on the market these days. Here is some reviews of best biometric gun safe 2018.

The hinges are placed on the within of the safe. this may make sure that the safe doesn’t have any weaknesses on the door which it’s just about not possible to pry open or tamper with.

Gas Strut gap Mechanism

As an additional bonus, you’ll notice that the safe options a gas strut gap mechanism. this suggests that when you’ve got properly entered the mixture, the lock can merely jump open and also the gas strut can keep the door open for you to access everything on the within.

This makes it abundant easier for accessing your sidearm within. Since the door to the gun safe is very serious, the gas strut handily helps you get your gun in your hand simply.

Especially if you’re storing your sidearm in your automotive, you wouldn’t wish to use each hand to urge into the gun safe. Having the gas strut helps you to access your gun with one hand.

The safe additionally options that simplex protection mechanism that’s abundant easier and quicker to open. you’ll be able to open the safe with a number of pushes of buttons and this could prevent lots of your time and energy. No have to be compelled to concern batteries dying with this lock! If you are looking for something more advance and secure, you can check some gun safe reviews here.

Furthermore, the safe is sort of serious and can be to a small degree harder to hold around, however, the smaller structure can permit you to simply conceal the safe in just about any location.

You can mount the safe victimization the four mounting holes within the bottom. This helps you to mount the safe to the ground in your closet, below your bed, or perhaps the bed of your truck.

Finally, you’ll additionally receive a lifespan assurance with the safe against any manufacturer defect and felony makes an attempt. The safe is going to be in real time replaced freed from charge and also the shipping fees also will be lined to confirm that you simply solely have to be compelled to obtain a secure once.

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