When I click an article I usually read the first paragraph, perhaps two. If it looks interesting I mark it to ReadItLater Pocket. If I like the post I will check out others as well. If they are as good I will subscribe to the blog using Google Reader.

Why don’t I just read the entire article in the first place? I just skim the top of hacker news or /r/programming for something of interest if I have few minutes of free time.

I read the articles I’ve marked whenever I have a free moment. Usually, that’s during bus rides from and to the office. That gives me about 235 minutes to read stuff I’ve either marked or come to me from blogs I’ve subscribed to every day. The important thing is, I’m only aware of the title and the content of the article.

Few days ago I stumbled upon a blog post about different kinds of software trials. It was a great read. Half way through the article I recognized the context; it sounded a lot like what a guy I know is doing. I opened the page in safari and it was their blog. I didn’t know that having read the entire article! I think that’s a great opportunity lost. I am a potential customer and you’ve written a piece of content I’m interested in, that’s a huge step towards my wallet. However it stops there unless you provide even the most basic call to action. For example “check out our services”.

Google Reader, Pocket, Instapaper and others have turned articles into a single feed, which is great for me as a reader. However it sucks for corporate bloggers as I won’t see your sites layout. I won’t see your header or logo. All I’m interested in is the article at hand, it’s up to you to deliver information about yourself or the product to me without ruining the post. Simple naming your startup and linking to it once or twice in the blog post will go great way to converting a random passer-by to customer.…


Almost everyone agrees that writing is good for you and you should do it more often. I had almost a 6-month gap in active blogging. That is if you can even call my blogging style active; I usually write less than 1 article a week. Anyhow, I hope to avoid future gaps like the one from August 21, 2012, to January 23, 2013.

Why did I stop writing? I can think of two reasons. First of them was that it was a really busy time for me and I simply failed to allocate time for it. This is a lousy excuse though, a modern man can always find time to write at least one post a week. Heck, it doesn’t take more than 230 minutes a week. First 30 minutes to write up the draft and second one to improve it. I usually like to go through more than 2 iterations of each article. I’ve found out I can piss off the way larger crowd with polished posts spiced with bad jokes.

Secondly, I didn’t set any goals for the site. It’s my personal blog my home on the interweb. I never treated it as a business tool nor am I planning to. I don’t sell anything through my blog nor write anything in hope of getting hired. It might have a small personal brand development value, but that’s it; nothing measurable.

Not setting measurable goals was probably the biggest mistake. The best way to address the issue would to simply approach it as business set goals and divide them into smaller milestones. The problem with this approach is that it would require more commitment to blogging than I’m willing to put out. So I’m setting one simple 2013 goal for this blog reach an average of 100 daily organic visits for a month.

So how could I do it? The one and only solution are : Blog more (Ok, I guess SEO could help but that’s completely against my principles of this being my personal space on the Internet). At the moment this blog gets 30-60 organic visits a day so the goal doesn’t seem that unreasonable.…